Z Calibration

Z Calibration will recalculate the distance between the build plate and that specific extruder's nozzle, this process can also allow you to improve the quality of prints if your prints are printing poorly. 

  1. Navigate to the Printer Panel and select the printer that you are working with.

  2. Select Utilities.

  3. Select Calibration.

Each time you attach a new Smart Extruder+, you will need to run the Z-Axis Calibration routine. This process will make sure the build plate is positioned at the correct distance from the Smart Extruder+ when you begin a print. To run the calibration routine, select Z Calibration and then select Run Home Calibration.


Z-Axis Offset

If your rafts and first layers are printing poorly or if your filament isn’t sticking to your build plate, the Smart Extruder+ is probably printing a little too far from the build plate. Similarly, if no filament is coming out of the nozzle, or you’re hearing a clicking noise when your MakerBot Replicator+ starts a print, your extruder may be a little too close to the build plate. Adjusting the Z-axis offset can help this. 

To Adjust your Z-axis offset:

  1. Open MakerBot Print and select your printer from the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Select Utilities.

  3. Select Calibration

  4. Select Z-axis offset. Adjust this by only -0.10mm (closer) at a time, moving the extruder closer to the build plate, and choose to Apply.

  5. Try the print again and see if the Z offset has to be readjusted. Please note that you may have to do this a few times to get to the ideal distance between the nozzle and the build plate.

Note: Decreasing the offset too much can damage your build plate.