Accelerate Product Development

Put speed and control into your design cycles while reducing production costs to bring your products to market, fast. A project requiring 10 designs iterations can be reduced to 4 days in-house using Method, as opposed to 40 days (including shipping) from an outsourced supplier.


Reduced Design Risk

Design mistakes found late in production can be exponentially more expensive than when found earlier in the product development cycle. Method allows your team to test and validate more prototypes with accuracy early and often; minimizing potential cost overruns later in production.

Reclaim the Cost of Development Time

Put an end to frivolous tinkering, equipment upkeep, and stalled innovation at the cost of valuable design time. With the DNA and architecture of an industrial 3d printer, Method is built and extensively tested by MakerBot to print reliable prototypes – no tinkering or calibration required.

Easy Deployment and Operation

Out-of-the-box deployment is fast and easy no matter the size of your organization. A range of Method configurations are optimized to get businesses started across multiple team sizes ranging from small design studios to factory floors.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

From the purchase and installation to ongoing maintenance, materials, and support, Method is designed from the ground up to deliver industrial-quality performance at about one-third the first-year cost of ownership of an entry-level industrial 3D printer.


Match Design Dimensions – Method offers consistent print results with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.2mm

Dual Performance Extruders - The Dual Performance Extruder system is built from the ground up to accelerate print
times while providing dimensional accuracy

Circulating Heating Chamber - Control the temperature and quality of every layer—not just the first. While heated build plates are effective at reducing warping, Method takes this further with full active heat immersion during the entire duration of the print.

Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame Construction - A structurally-optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing. Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

Dry-sealed Material Bays - Dry-Sealed Material Bays form a near-perfect seal to keep material free of damaging humidity. A suite of built-in sensors provides that your material is stored in its optimal environment— a feature previously only available in industrial 3D printers.

Smart Spools and the Smart Assist Material Loader - Insert your material and the printer does the rest. With Smart Spools, monitor material details including colour and quantity remaining directly within MakerBot Print.

Touchscreen Controls – Swipe, tap, print. With the built-in 5” full-colour capacitive touchscreen display, receive up-to-the-second status of your current print job and navigate menus in the most intuitive way you already know – with your finger.

Smart Sensors + Connectivity - A network of 21 intelligent sensors embedded throughout the printer gives you full control while making material and print management easy and accessible.

Spring Steel Build Plate – A precision-calibrated print base and spring steel build plate provide true flatness for unyielding part accuracy.